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Falling in love today in this big world of ours is huge. For some, it is a lifetime journey. For others, it is fate, an act of God, a miracle.Truth is, when two people fall in love, it becomes a “you and me” world. No one can stop the feelings of the heart. It is my passion to capture those feelings in my pictures. Play at the best casino with us on beste online casinos deutschland. Bonus for the first 100 people!

My name is Jason Wittman and I love to photograph people in love. My heart skips a beat every time I photograph an exchange of rings or that first kiss knowing that I am preserving these moments of intense love for a visual lifetime of memories. The best offer for gamblers casino topplista. Come on. Increased chance of winning!

My style of photography is photojournalistic. I love to capture the participants and the guests just being themselves. Sure, I’ll shoot you and Uncle Harry and Aunt Jane all looking at me, but the picture you will cherish, is the one I get of you all just after Uncle Harry tells one of his corny jokes.

My favorite part of being a wedding photographer, though, is when I take an engaged couple on an Engagement Adventure! Join me for a morning or afternoon (plan 3-4 hours) for some amazing photography. Let’s kick around a few places I’ve chosen that will help reveal how unique you are in our big world. No hurry, no constraints, just time together that will bring you images that could make your heart burst!

Call me at (310) 845-6202 to discuss a time for us to talk about your wedding plans, who you are, your love and your plans together. I’d really like to meet you.